Saturday, August 15, 2009

Robo Hendrix

Robo Hendrix
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This is my contribution to the plushteam's tribute to Woodstock - Plushstock. See the Plush team blog for more AMAZING free loving hippie plush. There will be voting to come I'll post the details here when it's all ready to go...
.....I do wish I was at some open air outdoor festival right now...sunshire...loud music.....*sigh*

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

There was one in the bed...

A new bed
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..and the little one said roll over, roll we all rolled over and one fell out....

Ok the little one didn't actually say roll over....he's only a few months old....but he did roll over in his basinette last night and tried to it's out and everyone gets a promotion bedwise......from cradle to cot....from cot to keep....growing....up?

They'll be into our liquor and smoking ciggies down at the bus station next thing!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My creative space (and a shameless brag)

My creative space
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On my table today is:

  • Broken wings in need to some glue
  • A new wallet needing to be filled with my pocket litter
  • Some pretty floral fabric for a custom order from my first repeat customer!
  • ...and most excitingly a fresh copy of Peppermint magazine....I love this magazine but hadn't managed to get this latest one yet...silly really because this one quite remarkably contains one of my owls - I had no idea he was in it until yesterday....this has made my week (well year actually nothing like a close brush with the uber-cool to put a spring in ya crafting step - and I have added some owls to my shop if your interested.

but....Canberra is de-frosting and the sunshine and two-digit outside temperatures beckon...creative things will need to occur after dark....

More spaces over here

Monday, August 3, 2009

A moment

A moment
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A rattle found at a garage sale over the weekend....some flowers gifted to me by my neighbour from her garden....sun still streaming in my front window after 5 pm...both me and the season seem to have turned a corner.....sleep has been in short suuply at our house and I havnt been able to do more than make lists and think about the crafting things I'd like to be doing - new fabrics for old designs, new designs for old fabrics.......but we making adjustments and sometime this week I'll actually get something the meantime I might just sit on the couch and enjoy the sunlight