Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Our fresh tomatillos

Our fresh tomatillos
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We planted these for the first time this year - having never done it before this is proving to be a journey into the unknown.

I have to say - I love them!!!!!!!!!
......well I love watching them grow. They are much more beautiful than the tomatoes, zucchinis and cucumbers we planted. They're tall and elegent and the tomatillos grow inside these georgeous little lantern looking sacks. I cant wait to pick the first one!

We've been exploring mexican cooking lately, which is actually why we decided to grow these ourselves - we'd had trouble buying the canned tomotillos. My experience of Mexican food had been limited to tacos anf burritos and i had been underwhelmed.

But then we bought a great book, "1,000 Mexican recipes" by Marge Poore... and everything has proven to be a winner - so much so we've had to start growing our own produce!!

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