Friday, November 2, 2007

Ollie - the elephant

Ollie - the elephant
Originally uploaded by redmag

This sleepy little fellow is made from recycled curtains. I'm not sure if I'll sell elepahants in my shop because there are already loads of cool ones out there on etsy....but this guy just sort of happen organically. The fabric seemed to want to be an elephant, and while very basic I really like his shape, particularly his trunk - pointing to the heavens for luck.

Keeping with the physicist thing - this little fellow is named after Mark Oliphant an Australian physicist.


glorydaze said...

Ollie is georgeous! I just found your shop via acoustitch (I love the orange dinosaur she bought to!) Your little creatures are adorable I think my little guy needs one of them.

Shimmy Shake said...

I really love Ollie, I too enjoy his trunk pinting northward. So lovely.