Tuesday, February 26, 2008

New pants

New pants
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I made these over the weekend - I used the same general pattern I used for the brave new pants but allowed some extra room for juicy thighs. The brave new pants - made with the beautiful lara cameron fabric - couldnt be worn for a few weeks - somehow I hadnt allowed enough room to get the elastic over the thighs - fortunately he learnt to crawl quite soon after their construction and thighs slimmed down quite considerabley (Note to self - crawl more each day!)

These pants are made from a heavy canvas/denim I got it from an opshop so I'm not 100% sure what it is but i liked the colour and it looked nice after it had been washed - so hopefully they will stand the test of crawling. I used a simple red biasing binding to hem them.


Kelly said...

Cute pants! The bias binding is a nice touch.

glorydaze said...

Oh I love those! I have a pair of juicy little thighs here that I am planning to make some pants for soon. And they have juicy little feet on the ends to, just like the ones in your pic!