Sunday, March 2, 2008

A small harvest

A small harvest
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I've never been one for attention to detail - those who've read any of my entires will have noticed the typos and missing words....that translates into most things I do....I know i do it and try and mange where I need to - like at work - but when I'm on my time I dont bother....i figure if it bothers other people then there are loads of other blogs to read...or whatever the circumstance is...

But sometimes it does cause problems. I've always regarded the planting guide on seed packets and seedling trays as a guideline and then just kind-of ignored them. Everything I planted this year is far too close together because I hate throwing away seedlings - i always feel sorry for them - 'specially if I've grown them myself so i squeeze them all in - it doesnt look so bad or like such a terrible idea in the begining - they're small and there seems plenty of room.

But then they grow! This year the cooler damp weather has meant that some of our poor tomatoes have gotten a mould on them....and not very many have ripened far its been a meager tomato harvest...just enough for sandwiches but not much more than that.

I know I'll regret my next few words - its a shame really I was hoping for a large harvest.

You see - I got a passta maker for Xmas and so far its still in the box. Fingers crossed the hotter weather will actually happen this week and I in seven days I'll be complaining about having too many!

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