Friday, April 11, 2008

The final harvest

The final harvest
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Its been an odd summer in the garden - it rained for one! - but its finally offically coming to an end. This is the last batch of tomatoes - we pull the bushes out this afternoon and get the bed ready for carrots ( including purple ones) and yellow beetroots. These guys are slated to be some kind of green tomato relish or chutney. I'm off to hunt done something good to make with them in the cookbook pile. Also making some more oven dried tomatoes tonight with last weekends harvest which has turned a lovely bright red sitting the kitchen windows.

As an aside - I'd been told that tomatoes ripen better in a warm dark cupboard or draw than sitting on the window. So we did a test. I have to say this week those in the window faired much better in the redening stakes - perhaps not scientific myth busting but next year I'm certainly going to keep putting them in the window!

I'm a complete novice when it comes to gardening and slightly lazy, which is somethng i used to feel very guilty about and so gardening was this on again off again thing for me....I'd nurse things back from the brink and then forget about them til they were on death's door again.

Maybe its old age but this year I found gardening easier - Thre were less highs and lows (for the plants too) and things went fairly smoothly and for the first times in years I'm actually still interested and have seeds and seedlings ready to go in for a winter crop.

Hope you're having a great weekend - for those in Canberra I just noticed signs for the Thai food festival tomorrow. It's NOT at the Thai embassy its a the Thai template in Archibald street in Lyneham and is between 10-4pm. It should be great fun so if you're at a loose end tomm check it out

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