Monday, June 9, 2008

Queen's birthday long weekend

Aust Day fire works - focus blur yay!
Originally uploaded by Allyeska

Today is a public holiday here in Canberra....we're celebrating the Queen's birth - its not actually her birthday & WA doesn’t seem to celebrate it today with the rest of the country both of which are terribly confusing but I'm not about to look a public holiday gift horse in the mouth so I'll happily enjoy it even though it makes no sense whatsoever- and because the obvious thing to be waiting for on the last day of a long weekend is for it to end and the horrible working week to start, both things I'm trying not to think about, there wont be a "Waiting" post today.

But seeing as Canberra is known for the fireworks (and porn I guess) and this weekend is the one where Canberrans gets to go crazy letting fireworks off in their backyard - i thought I'd post this amazing photo by local Canberra photographer. Allyeska.....can you believe its not photoshopped ? Check out her stuff - its great....found via a search of Canberra and fireworks in Flickr - be sure to select interesting rather than relevant!

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Jenny said...

Gday. Thanks for linking to my work! Glad you like the unusual photographic technique :) Cheers! Ally