Wednesday, April 1, 2009

9: A new project

9: A new project
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Just over a week into my things of joy project and I'm fasting working out that often the most joyous things sneak up and hit you out of the blue and dont lend themselves to photographing - things like a little person's first smile at you ever - while some things can be photographed later without introducing a fakness many can't so rather than feeling bad about skipping days both on the blog or on flickr I figure I resolve to capture what I can.....

Here's something that has been making me feel pretty good for the last 24 hours.....its a new quilt in the making.....I love the intial stages of project....any project really but especially a crafting one......I love the big piles of fabrics that get assembled and disassembled as you look through your stash for just the right things.....and then the trip to the fabric store to buy what you dont but absolutly must have....

I love the way it feels to make things......its weird I once had a house mate who upon completeion of her Arts/Law degree announce that she wished she learnt a trade instead because she thought it would be more fulfilling to work with her hands - at the time as someone from a decidely working class background with parents who both had hands that had suffered terribly in order to earn a crust it seemed like the utterings of a middle class fantasist....and I guess part of me still does think that it was.....but I also agree that there is something deeply satisfying about making something with your hands - however the real joy comes from being able to also do it on your own terms - your time, your design or idea.

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