Thursday, February 18, 2010

.....a new design for a first birthday next week

{48/365} .....a new design for a first birthday next week
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...OK new design is a bit of an is a re-work of the trusty pattern that has been a koala, rabbit and a gnome in the past.......this time it's meant to be an eskimo.....what do you think? It's a bit wonky but not bad for my first attempt at using the dreaded fur and while i think i may now have does feel lovely. The only thing I can't decide is whether to make him happy or cheeky...any thoughts?

One of the main reasons I've slowed/stopped making things to sell was that i didn't have the time or the drive to make anything for my 2010 is all about fixing that.....there have been lots of clothes sewn and knnitted already......but nothing big no major events to celebrate until now......the first birthday (both for this year and ever for the birthday boy) is next week and this is for him......
It feels good to shift things back into the right priority order.....

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