Friday, December 21, 2007

Another 6.5 stitches cardigan

Another 6.5 stitches cardi
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I finally finished my second one of these. While the first one I knitted stills fits in the arms, it is starting to look more like a crop top than a cardigan in the body region and needed to be retired.

This time I've used a bright red cotton so that it wont be too 'heavy' over the coming summer months. I had originally planned to use wooden toggles for buttons again but I found these big white plastic buttons at Lincraft and thought they'd look cute.

Again impatience and poor planning means that I haven’t added the fabric panel - but given its going to worn over the summer months the fabric really isn’t needed.

I can't explain how much I love this pattern - its easy and a great shape. The simpleness of the design means that the choice of wool and button can influence the final look quite significantly.


ninaribena said...

Hi I love your stuff on ETSY, wanted to let you know that I have posted on my blog "Canberra's Got Style" and have included a link to your etsy shop. cheers and regards.

Amy said...

Hello :)

I have stumbled across your etsy store and blog thanks to Lisa (ninaribena)...and am very glad that I did. I had no idea that there was a Canberra design blog out's great!

Your blog and store are lovely. The cardigan you have just finished (and the first one) are wonderful!! I love them. And your softies (toys) are just beautiful. I have made a link to your blog from mine...I hope you don't mind...but I would love to come back and visit :)

Happy New Year...I hope you will have an exciting and creative 2008.