Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My day - the more fun bits pictured

My day
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....I don't think I've completely adjusted to not working - there's no routine yet....and I seem to get to the end of the day and wonder where all those hours that stretched endlessly ahead of me in the morning have gone.....so back to keeping lists to keep me on track.....today's tasks are:

Boring admin phone calls to sort out a bill
Precleaning under the toddler feeding area - yes its gotten so bad that it needs a preclean before its able to be cleaned the usual way you clean floors
A couple of loads of washing
Go to shops and get vitals we've run out of or never bought but need for tonight's dinner (sweet potato burritos for grown ups, zucchini dip for arvos for the little lad) - Weetbix, sugar, dipables, sour cream
Cook chickpeas for the dog's dinners - he's on a low allergy diet

Fun stuff:
Finish a pair of "Harry highpants" for the even littler lad - I had been trying to knit a pair for the last week ( in the back of the photo) but they looked pretty lame so last night I took to a jumper that I loved but had worn into the ground - small holes had started to develop - and 20 mins later I have a pair of pants for popping over all those summer clothes that still fit and are too cute to retire but arent warm enough for outside in autumn. Just need to decide on straps and buttons and I'll be done.
Plant the Kale - ok Kale isnt fun and I'm stuggling to get excited about cabbage even if it is an exotic one but does very well in Canberra weather and I like a bit of digging in the arvo so the planting bit is fun.

ALSO must remember to water husband's broadbeans. I was also going to start raising my Australian wildflower seeds - but then I've been planning on doing that for 3 weeks now!

In reality I will most likely spend most of my active time wandering the streets out in the sun and still have most of this list left for tomorrow....but that's ok too

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Katy said...

wandering streets in sunshine? Now that's a plan!