Sunday, March 8, 2009

A wrap-around cardigan

A wrap-around cardigan
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It's amazing just how much more energetic I am now - OK energetic isnt the right word because I'm really not getting as much sleep as I'd's more that I just have a desire to do things and create things that I had been putting off and lacked any interest or motivation for recently.

This little cardigan is a case in point - it was actually in a pile of things that were due to be thrown out (or dontated to the op shop really) I had done all the knitting and half the stitching but had somehow lost interest in finishing it. I dont really like the colour and I suspect that my last child had probably out grown it by the time I finished knitting.

Anyway...20 mins of sewing and I end up with a nice little cardi that fits my second child perfectly - at least for now.

I also found a bunch of other half finished projects - some are mine some are ones that others had started and then donated to the op shop - so I'm off to finish those.

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