Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My little sometimes crafting corner

My little sometimes crafting corner
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...the plush team are being featured in a magazine and the we needed to provide photos of our workspaces....sadly all i had was this work in progress shot......it wasn't until yesterday - my toddler free day - that I realised that I don't really have a work space ( i do have a table in the spare room/computer room/nappy changing room that is meant for crafting but it is really piled so high with things that it's really a storage area) ....

What I have is crafting time and the area that I'm in at that time becomes my workspace....when i can spread out without little fingers to worry about the dining table (pictured above) is my favourite spot......it's sunny and I sit in a corner with windows facing out in two directions....I can sit there watching the comings and goings of everyone in my street like the nosy neighbour that I have a tendancy to be......at other times my space is my lap while I sit on the couch watching tellie or in the car when we're driving round....everywhere is a crafting space but only for brief moments in time...

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