Friday, May 29, 2009

My second quilt - finished at last!

My second quilt - finished at last!
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Here it is....the second one was intended to be a blanket for my oldest child to take to day care for naptime....but it seems too lovely to send off so i might need to make something else for day care....although at the rate I make blankets he might have stopped napping by then…so off it will go.

It is blue on one side, white on the other, with red and white hand embroidery. The quilt layer (the bit in the middle not sure what it is really called) is a piece of polar fleece I had lying around.

The brave use of white was inspired by a lovely quilt I once saw on esty but forgot to bookmark (grrr!) I used a flat sheet for the white side; it came in a sheet set that we didn't use - idea nicked from here.(scroll down to find a very cool red and orange quilt) The colours and hand embroidery were inspired by this photo on flickr (found via here).

This quilting thing is quite addictive I can see why people get hooked...maybe my next one will be a full patchwork one machine there's a challenge!

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Katy said...

beautiful - I love the embroidery!