Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Only three sleeps to go

The Hilbert Owls
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....until the Handmade Market....oh crap ....I have so much to left to do!

These three Hilbert Owls will be with me on Saturday. Check out more soft toy threesomes looking for new homes here and here.

Also for those of you who don't live in Canberra and won't be at the market on Saturday....all the toys left over at the end of the market will go into my etsy store - and if you see something you like here you an always send me an email and I can keep it for you.

On a separate note - has anyone seen the ad for the Cosie? It's bascially a polar fleece monks robe - that might or might not do up at the back (there are no rear shots on the infomericals)....a very strange product.....I prefer lap blankets myself and when the market is over I'm quite keen to try and keep up with Pip's A Granny a day activities....look at the beautiful squares people are making...

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Taphophile said...

Those cosy things are also being advertised on TV for about $80! They've been around for years and resurface every now and then. There's a pattern around for a knitted version called a Wrapghan (I think). I prefer a little capelet or shawl over my shoulders a couple of dogs at my knee if the Old Flame is unavailable for warming duties. Also keeps my arms unencumbered to knit with.