Monday, January 11, 2010

{11/365} 44C in the shade

{11/365} 44C in the shade
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.....while this does beg a say no more description....I just checked and at 22:15 it was still 37C....which does entitle me to a whine...I'd guess it's at least that in every room in my stinkin' uninsulated (sans aircon) house - I'm actually a magnet for houses that do bad in the heat.....which a're usually good for the cold.....BUT given it doesn't snow here I don't think that's much of a special gift....

P.S I'm doing the 1 photo a day thing over on flickr.....the ones that bring me to explain/rage/whine will get a run here....

P.P.S Happy New year.....hope to see you round these parts a bit more this year!

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