Thursday, January 14, 2010

{15/365} The bare bones for a comfy spot

{15/365} The bare bones for a comfy spot to watch the year go by
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I've always wanted a comfy couch outside to lounge, read and nap on....but somehow i never managed to find the seat to match the spots I've had....until now......
This much abused three-seater was moved down from Canberra with the intention of listing it on ebay for 99cents after I was quoted $900 to have two new cushions made for it.....
...however I've just worked out that it fits perfectly on our back deck and in the past 24 hours....despite only makeshift cushioning its been the focus of family lazy activities.....stories read, pretend naps had, morning coffee in the early morning light consumed.....the couch has redeemed cushions to be found and lots of lounging anticipated.

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