Monday, August 27, 2007


Moo!!!!!!!!!! Originally uploaded by redmag

My dual purpose business card/tags arrived from Moo today!! They look fantastic and will be put to work straight away as I sold another cat today (Schrodinger's black cat is just about to jet off to the other side of the world - hopefully he'll bring joy to his new family)

The whole process was very quick and easy - so now I'm addicted. I'm going to have to invent reasons for ordering more cards - Gift tags for Xmas is the only thing I can think of so far - although 100 gift tags is far more than I'll need. If you have any other ideas I'd love to hear them.

I'm finding it hard to get motivated to craft today. The weather is lovely and warm (albeit alarmingly so for a winter's day in Canberra). I'm meant to be making some dinosaurs for my etsy shop. My son vomited on his proto-type so I now have the chance to experiment with washing the finished product and will hopefully be able to include care instructions on this new batch. Maybe the care instructions could go on a Moo minicard? That's got to be another great reason to order more if ever I heard one!

I was also going to continue working on the cardigan/jacket I'm knitting for my son. I'm using the new 6.5 stitches pattern. It's a really pretty design - I especially love the fabric panel which allows for a flashy show of colour to offset the dark grey colour wool I'm using. I'm still on the hunt for the fabric I'm going to use. I think a trip out to "Addicted to Fabric" in Phillip is in order for this project. I had been avoiding going in case I went nuts and spent too much money, but for a special project like this one I'm sure I can go in with a definite idea of what i need and show restraint. I'll post a picture when its done.

It's time to think about dinner. We've been away for the last few days and both the cupboard and fridge are bear so I'm off to the shops. I have a hankering for something summery because of the weather but don't want to be trapped into buying out of season produce. I was thinking of some kind of pasta with ricotta, peas and basil. Might stop now and ask Google what to have for dinner.


RheLynn said...

Love your toys! Will definitely check out Moo as well. Hope you have a great week and find your crafting groove again :)

redmag said...

Thanks. Are you the talented person behind KnitOwl? If so I really love your horse/zebra toys. They're very cool.

Hope you're having a great week too and thanks for leaving a comment - I was beginning to wonder if anyone ever read this blog ;)