Sunday, September 2, 2007

Spring has sprung in the nursey

Spring has sprung in the nursey
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We welcomed spring over the weekend. There was some barbecuing, a little gardening (more talking about what we could do rather than actual doing but that's all progress really when you're coming from a low baseline) and we added the spring blossoms to Baby N's mural.

I could only get two bunches of the flowers I liked, so the flowers are more sparse than originally planned. It looks more like a Magnolia than the fruit tree I had in mind. Either way it sings spring - which is what I had hoped for.

Plus I was thinking that the extra space on the branches means we can now also turn it into a "family tree" for N. All of our extended family live interstate or overseas, so we were planning on sticking up photos of the family around his room to help him remember them between visits. Now with the extra space on the branches I thought I might make it a family tree.

Anyway its a lovely sunny day, again! I'm baking brownies for an afternoon tea, but once they're done its off somewhere outside to read a book in the sunshine.

Hope your day is good - where ever you are!

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