Monday, October 13, 2008

A beautiful bag

A beautiful bag
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....It's been a tough old week and a bit.....I'm single parenting at the moment and while I love my little boy - he's at the charming cheeky stage - he's discovered the power of loud noices particularly the ones he makes himself with his very well developed lungs and he's also discovered the tantrum so its been a tiring week with highs and lows...mainly highs and tired bits than lows i guess....

Anyway one highlight this week for me was the arrival of a very beautiful package from Charlie over at The pigeon loft. We were swap buddies for the Russian doll swap Katie hosted months ago and well.....Charlie was kind enough to allow me loads of slack and we extended the swap date. This is the beautiful bag so sent me....actually her whole package was georegous and colour co-ordinated. Anyway it made my week and i smile as i glance over at it hanging on the kitchen dresser while i wipe pumpkin from strange places around the kitchen - he also discovered that feeding oneself is more fun than being fed by others this week.

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