Monday, October 27, 2008

Know your future

Know your future
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Sadly no I havent just popped back from India....this is one from the just seemed pertinent... you see I had the chance to get my future told way back when and was too chicken to find out what was install for me..... I wish I had I'm sure Saturday's trip to the hairdressers would have featured.....the cut was great...nothing bad there...but ....welll.......when i had my hair coloured....they used that steam thing - THE ONE THEY USE ON THE OLD LADIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's taken me two days to get over the shock enough to share.

...maybe it would have been good to have been time I'm in Mysore I'm totally stopping by at Room 55 in the Hotel Dasaprahash....some things shouldnt be allowed to sneak up on you.

P.S I'm working on some new toys - a new design even! Hope to have something to show you later in the week.


Katy said...

lol, I've had that steam thing before - the thing that you sit under with a plastic bag on your head? Apparently it speeds up the process, especially if you're having a lighter colour put on. And I had it done in a really fancy hairdressers, I was horrified, it seemed so WRONG!!!

elaine said...

that sign was from jaipur? near the observatory?

ah, india.

but then there are fortune tellers all over the place. and astrologers.