Friday, October 3, 2008

A belated welcome to spring

Giving direction
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Note to self - never promise to publish more tomorrow - it seems to lead to a four month long sabatical.

Anyway, I've been off away from the computer resting up and am now easing back into life.....catching up....and trying to get back into the swing of things.

Last weekend we added spring time flowers to the mural in the nursery....little red looks like a giant flowering quice. Baby N helped this year.....admittedly removing more than he added but he did get into it which is nice.

Although I think he's had a growth spurt 'cause during the week he woke up with blu-tac in his hair and a few petals at his feet - I underestimated his reach and how lively his night time activites are!


Nanette said...

hey there, girlie! glad you're back in the virtual saddle. It'd be great to catch-up soon!

Jogirl said...

Hey there,
I stumbled on to your blog months ago, and where wondering if you were ok..welcome back.

redmag said...

Thanks guys - its good to me back!

ninaribena said...

Yay, also happy to see you back up. I just love the little things you do xxx