Monday, October 13, 2008

A couple of today's finds

A couple of today's finds
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Can you tell that I have the day off to myself ? No work no child? Of course it's too precious to waste inside at the are a couple of things I picked up this morning at the op shops. I honour of our apricot tree growing its heart out this year and producing fruit for the first time, coupled with the fact I finished our last year of homemade apricot jam from last year (apricots 'borrowed' from the neighbours tree that hangs into our yard at twilight for that batch) I've decided to start collecting dollies so that this years batch can be tarted up, each with a lovely little frilly top.

Anyway back to me time - Hope you're enjoying your day too!

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zofia said...

heh, we have a tree like that- hanging over our drive. Never got to jam stage though- too yummy just off the tree!