Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Another go at making a lion

Another go at making a lion
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It's not quite there....but he/she does look good with a body and legs rather than the cat body the previous one had.

I'm not sure what is is but I'm itching/pressuring myself to come up with some new designs. I think its partly that I'm getting more skilled - my sewing is better and my designs are a little more adventurous - but I think its also because I feel like I'm not quite there I look at the wonderful things I see other people create - like this or this .....and feel like I still have a long way to go in terms of finding my style and being able to turn my hand to craft as either art or income or both.

Anyway - I was thinking I might have a go at making a new rattle - I thought a camera shaped rattle might be cute, given babies spend a lot of time in front of one - I know my son now strikes a pose as soon as he sees the lens pop out when the camera is turned on which has to be a sign that the poor thing has been the subject of way to many photo shots. That's the task I've set myself for today....although I am home sick so I'm probably being too ambitious.

....off to wander round flickr looking for photos of cool cameras to be inspired by - how tiring can that be?

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