Sunday, May 25, 2008

The busy women's cookbook

The busy women's cookbook
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Not sure why I bought this ...I guess it just spoke to me as things often do when you thrift shop... I guess for me though it was what the book was saying and why I had to have it that was wasn’t for the kitsch factor or wasn’t because that wee little lass on the cover is adorable (although she is - great yellow dress don't you think?)... or because I still entertain fanciful ideas about sitting down to dinner by candle light....

I guess I bought it on impulse..because - I cant believe its only just dawned on me....that I'm a busy woman....not sure when it happened or how....but I'm frazzled and spread too thin and all those other horrible cliches

Weeks of sickness - me and others in the family - broken up by flying visits to family - which while nice aren’t holidays - on top of my job have taken its toll.....and I guess by buying this book I felt like I wasn’t alone and while I was pretty sure this book wasn’t going to have the answers just the fact that there was a cookbook for busy women somehow means that there might be a solution out there for pulling myself back together (think liquid metal guy from terminator) anyway after a weekend of list making and crossing things off (mainly boring things like buy new shower curtain)... I'm starting to feel like things are starting to get back on track on the home front anyway......As you can see from my book apparently red candles are key to making it all must pick some up when I’m at the shops!

Edited to add.....tomorrow is Monday so I'll be waiting....

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