Monday, May 26, 2008

Waiting for an eclipse

Waiting for an eclipse
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There was an eclipse over central Australia a few years ago......this is a group of my friends staring at the sun waiting for the big event to happen. This is literally in the middle of nowhere which happens to be a bit north of the Flinders ranges.

It was the perfect setting - the landscape looked like it was another planet, red and rocky and mars-like.

The whole day....actually the whole road trip to get here (two and half days of driving just to get there) was all part of the lead up-to the big event.....and we werent disappointed....the eclipse was breath-taking and magical.

This was the ultimate waiting holiday....this road trip came at a point in our lives where most of us were heading off to do new exciting things in other cities far away from each other....and this road trip filled in time in December while we waited for the year to end and the next phase in our lives to was an amazing trip....and the best way I could have imagined to bide my time.

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