Sunday, May 11, 2008

Little feet

Little feet
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Happy Mother's day to all those mothers out there.....this week these toes turned one....which is a remarkable and wonderful feat - for the toes and his parents.

Needless to say like most birthday milestones there are things that come with age....honey being on the menu is just one of this mother's day started with a wonderful breakfast with the whole sticky family in one bed eating crumpets with honey.

Hope your weekend has been a good one!

P.S A big hello to any of you who have come this way via ohdeedoh - I started working on next seasons theme this weekend so look out for that in a couple of weeks time....after a visit with family last weekend it seems that its a good time to work on creating a family that's winter's theme.


Penelope Boyd said...

I have found your blog via Canberra's Got Style - great blog, I'm having a good read through.

chaigirl said...

hey, you know what? My little girl also turned one this week (wednesday). How fast they grow!
There was some serious paper shredding going on at my house with all those birthday presents.
Happy Birthday to your little man.