Monday, May 12, 2008

A lucky find!

A lucky find!
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Over the weekend I did a bit of a wardrobe clean out and discovered that there was a chronic shortage of pants for the little lad. I had suspected for a few weeks that this might be the case - even when I'd just done washing there didn't seem to be much choice in the pant stakes when it came to getting him dressed each morning....I'd put it down to me not being a morning person. And his little bottom had started to appear over the top of the few pairs we had left in regular rotation.

So I've decided to make a couple of pairs myself - They're quick and easy and I like seeing him wear things I make.

Months ago while op-shopping my husband and I came across a Dreamworld teatowel complete with little Dreamworld Koalas riding on a train.

He convinced me that it would make a very cool pair of baby pants - sadly after diving in head first and cutting out one leg before planning how I'd place the pattern I found out that it wasn't quite enough teatowel to make pants. The one sad leg has spent the last few months sitting in the bottom of my sewing tin.

As luck would have it I saw another Dreamworld teatowel in an opshop last weekend ( I know two dreamworld teatowels who would have though two separate homes would have let them go!) So these bits of fabric are now set to become pants. Possibly the type of pants I and the baby will regret years from now when they reappear in a faded photo pinned to a board at a birthday celebration.....but I dont care

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chaigirl said...

What a great idea! I knew there was a reason I have been collecting kitchy teatowels for the past few years, i just needed to work it out. My little girl will be wearing some surfer's paradise print pants by next week!
thanks for your inspiring blog, nice to know there are such creative people in the "Can".