Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Eadie, Ethel and Elenore - Schrodinger's kitties and shop talk.

Eadie, Ethel and Elenore
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It's been a productive day of sewing - three new floral SChodinger's Cats for my shop - Eadie, Ethel and Elenore.

Eadie - the kitten made from the floral fabric I bought over the weekend - is actually much prettier in real life than she seems in this photo. The colours havent come out right in this photo so I'm going to try and take some more photos tomorrow in daylight and see if I can do her some justice before adding her to my store. Her face has the sweetest as a small pink triangle turned up in the middle of her face in the right place to form a nose - completely unplanned which was a happy conincidence. I'll be adding those three tomorrow.

I also posted a message on my shop announcing the arrival of a new range of toys I'm planning to release on Monday 17 September. I'm very excited about having new designs to show everyone, but I did forget that I had people coming to stay with us over the weekend so tomorrow and Thursday are going to be a busy sewing days. Nothing like a deadline to make me get myself into gear...I find i just drift along without pressure, self imposed or otherwise.

Anyway, time to cook dinner - it's brocolli, chilli anchovy pasta tonight.
Hope you had/have a great productive day.

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