Monday, September 17, 2007

A jumper made with love

A jumper made with love
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I went to a book sale at the local church over the weekend and picked up a few bargains, one of which was a 1974 Goldern Hands Crafts book called "Gifts to Make". Strangley a large number of the crafts were quite tasteful and could actually be described as "Back in vogue."

This is my favourite a colourful stripey jumper for your sausage dog.

Our dog is German Shorthaired pointer and quite a bit larger than a sausage dog. Sadly he also has an aversion to wearing doggy coats and perfers to lounge in side on the couch when the weather is too hot or too cold so trying to knit a larger version might be a complete waste of time, which is a shame.

I do however have a calico sausage dog from MUJI that I was given a few years ago. Given its very plain looking I thought I might give the jumper a go for the toy dog.

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MineFull said...

Hello Redmag,
I lOVE this weiner dog sweater! what a fun pattern.
P.S. You've been tagged, check my blog for details :)