Thursday, September 6, 2007

Thank God its Friday

Some Op Shop finds
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I'm not sure why I look forward to Friday so much when I'm not working - but I do. I guess its because everyone else in the world suddenly becomes available for fun activities on Friday.

Its a rainy grey spring day today -which is rare on all fronts its very rarely grey in Canberra, and its even more rare to see it rain. While its great to get some rain - the dams and the gardens need it - it is difficult to do much on a day like this.

We're having some friends round for a BBQ on the weekend and I had big plans for tidying the house but most of the mess is stockpiled dirty clothing and washing it when there's no where to hang it to dry seems silly. So the cleaning can wait til tomorrow!

I just designed a new toy which I'm dying to show everyone. It's a surprise gift for my sister so I need to wait until she receives it in the mail before I can share it with the rest of the world. However in the meantime I'm making variants of it for my shop, which means I will have a number of things to add next week, or early the following week depending on the speediness of the postal service.

On another good note - The local thrift shop was having a sale on Children's books today - 20 cents each!! So I bought 11 - I'll test them out in the coming weeks and let you know if there are any gems...there's one about a bunny rabbit with long floppy ears which I'm looking forward to trying out on Baby N.

The other exciting thing coming up is the much anticipated YMCA garage sale which is happening tomorrow. They occur every three months so Baby N was only a few weeks old last time and slept through the whole thing. We did manage to find the cute penguin toy and the chalkboard for him (both pictured above). Hopefully we'll find more treasures this time. They tend to have a section where you can fill a bag full of clothes for only a couple of dollars. I'm looking for some green items to use to make leaves to add to the tree in the nursery when summer comes round - the more outragiously 70s the better!

For any Canberra based people who are interested - here's a link to their website for all the details.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend

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