Sunday, September 9, 2007

Fifties florals

Fifties florals
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This is part of my stash from the YMCA garage sale over the weekend.

The one on the top of the pile is some vintage fabric which I'm currently turning into another Schrodinger's cat - I only have to add a face and its ready to meet the world.

The middle two are table clothes which have been laundered in anticipation of summer and the joyous prospect of outdoor dining.

The bottom one is actually a pillow made from an old tea towel covered in The Cooktown Orchid, which is apparently Queensland floral emblem. All information from the tea towel - who would have thought a teatowel could be such an informative source!. I've given it a much needed bath and will restuff it for adding to the couch for more years of lounging. It does look like its seen many years of traffic already and suffered a bit of damage in the machine but the battered look makes it all the more endearing.

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