Sunday, June 14, 2009

Firing it up

Firing it up
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It's done - and while it still needs some cosmetic things done to it given it sits smack bang in the middle of the backyard and can be viewed from every point on our block - and many of the neighbours - today we enjoyed blue skies (thank god)....and wood-fired pizzas (delicious!)

....there was some tragically doomed crafting activity - booties for the baby made from patterns intended for babes much smaller than mine. Although it was funny to see you could only squeeze 4 toes into the finished product and dont even ask about how far the straps got round his sturdy ankles...............also a first attempt at mittens for the toddler - sadly his hands are stumpier than the ideal toddler the pattern was designed for (even more sad is that his hands take after mine - i may as well have 5 thumbs - and now I think about it finding gloves that fit me is impossible, maybe I'll strike mittens of the winter to do list for everyone's sake he can just stick his hands in his pockets!). tomorrow I renew my love affair with the sewing machine while I search for new things to knit that might actually fit my apparently misshapen family.....

…..hope your weekend was what you needed it to be....and for those of you in Canberra let us please have more of this weather and less of the only 4 degrees at 3pm kind this coming week.

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Tania said...

Well, you certainly got my husband's attention as he was wandering by the computer. He's given up on the 'will we or won't we have a wood-fired oven' argument and opted to move straight to the 'now where shall we put the wood-fired oven?' I figure it's either that, or he'll build a mudbrick garage or something!