Monday, June 1, 2009

More brave new pants

More brave new pants
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....those of you who've seen my back catalogue might remember me making some pants from a couple of Dreamworld tea towels about this time last year....well during last week's dream op-shop run I picked up a very bright and very cool 1970's tea towel covered in the cutest (although very un-pc) pictures of Aussie cowboys working hard with their animals in the outback....and it was huge!!! One tea towel easily became a pair of pants for my smallest child (they are either a big 000 or a small 00). There are close ups of the pictures here, here and here.....

Those of you who know me in real-life might have heard me complain about how terrible the range of clothing for little boys is when compared with the choice and variety offered to little girls once or twice (or a 1000 times) while these pants aren’t everyone’s cup-of-tea and I’m sure that he will grow up and have a phase where he is embarrassed by them…I love them – bright, colourful and just kitsch enough to be interesting without being totally clown like (although others might disagree) I just wish I could buy little things like this – if someone knows of a magical place where you can get lovelies like these I’d love to hear.

(Edited to add - forgot to give the woodfired oven update - we now have gravel in the base making it actually base like....and the frame for the opening has been weekend is a long weekend here and the oven is due to be finished then)

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gabrielle said...

coming out of lurkdom to say I love these pants. With two small boys I also find it hard to get funky clothes for them, I make most of my boys pants from upcycled trousers. I have just started making for a little shop here as it seems others want something different for their boys.You can check out my blog here to see some of the ones I have been making