Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Rainbow chard

Rainbow chard
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For years and years I've bought punnets of Rainbow Chard seedlings and never once have I ever gotten anything other than the red chard - I don't really mind, I quite like the red chard with its small stems that you can eat, soft leaves and pretty colour - but still, I always felt a little misled when none of the other colours appeared.....this year I actually have all three colours growing in my garden - remarkable!!

This bunch is due to turned into a spinach, chili and chickpea soup....it's still in the making stage so no recipe to share yet.......and given the string of disasters I've had in the kitchen and craft area this week - in the interests of public saftly it's probably best I dont share it .......here's a very flat cake from Monday for instance.....hopefully I'll be graced with some creative mojo tomorrow.....

Here are some very funny shots of other people's cooking distaster photos.

Happy hump day

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The Shopping Sherpa said...

Chard? What chard? I was transfixed by the clock...