Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Knitting inspiration

Knitting inspiration
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The week of knitting continues and the clickety-clack of knitting needles can be heard at odd hours of the day and night....although that makes it seem like a knit like a train which is far from the case - what sound would a snail make if it could knit I wonder?.....

I am making terrific progress on my half arsed half finished piles of projects (based on my normal performance level anyway) and we should all have winter woollies before winter ends this problem - crappy weather, terrible light and so no photos....instead here is other people's knitted eye candy.....

Also an oven update for those eagerly awaiting wood fired treats....nearly done - ONLY one layer of concrete to go I'm told's a blow by blow pictorial account of its erection thus far for those of you who like to see how these things are done.

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davy jones overlocker said...

Sartjie's booties are a really great pattern. I've knitted them for a couple of babies.

Are you on Ravelry? If no, I highly recommend it.

It's good to see the long planned woodfired pizza oven is coming to fruition.